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       About The Author


Florida born, Ian Ritchie Stewart lives in Cudjoe Key Florida and has enjoyed a most varied and interesting sixty-one years of life. His formative years of living by the ocean in Neptune Beach Florida were filled with sun drenched days of surfing the waves and hunting for sharks teeth. In 1970 America was engauged in war and Mr. Stewart eagerely heeded the call. He served  In the U.S. Navy as an in-flight communications opporator and assigned to the elete recognessance squadrin VQ-1 (Click on Bat above) . Mr. Stewart performed as a Top-Secret Naval Inteligence opporative until his honorable discharge. Upon discharge Mr. Stewart returned to his home town city on the shore, Graduated from The University of North Florida with a bachelors degree in Fine Art,  and married Ms. Barbara Larrison. In 1979  son Adam was born and in 1986 Mr. Stewarts wife passed away, in his arms, after her lifelong battle with Cystic Fibrosis. Following his fathers footsteps, son Adam joined the U.S. Navy. Mr Stewart sold their home in Atlantic Beach Florida, loarded his motor-home with his two golden retrievers and joined his many friends in the Florida Keys. Having family connections to the islands, he missed not a skip with his move to paradise where almost one-hundred years earlier, his grandparents had purchased several beautiful lots. Social working for fourteen years led him into the second chair management position of one of the largest family service providers in the world where he managed three homeless shelters and served as public services manager to the community of Key West. In 2007 a fall left him in need of surgery and durring his period of recovery, he wrote his first novel, "Lost Souls of Paradise". Mr. Stewart extends his invitation to join him on FACEBOOK and FLICKER for a comprehensive pictorial tour of the book.    

1972 VQ 1 MOVIE




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